PT HALIM SAMUDRA INTERUTAMA was established in July 1989 as a Joint Venture Company between Indonesia (PT HALIM SAKTI), Japan (CBC Co., LTD. Tokyo) and Korea (LG CHEMICAL LTD, Seoul).       PT HALIM SAMUDRA INTERUTAMA is a Plastic Compounds and Masterbatches Manufacturer . We are the first and the pioneer in the Plastic Compounds and Masterbatches industry in Indonesia. We have been serving our customers well since we started our commercial production in early 1991.       We are focusing on the research and development to improve our current product ranges and developing new products as well as developing environmental friendly products. We adhere to the Customers? needs for high quality products as well as the strict international quality standard, which was proven by the achievement in getting the ISO 9001 Certificate in April 1998. Our commitment to the QUALITY is further enhanced by the success of passing every six monthly EXTERNAL AUDIT done by SGS for the past 14 years. Our focus are meeting our Customers? needs and ensuring that all Customers get the benefits and advantages from our quality products and services.       We are committed in making timely delivery to help our Customers minimize the inventory cost. Our services do not end at the product delivery point by providing after sales services, which is conducted by our experienced technical service personals. Our Technical Service personals have experiences and abilities to provide assistance to solve Customers? problems in production process and in developing new product applications, as well as, providing information of our new developed grades to keep Customers well informed with the latest technological trends. Our technical service Personals are aware that the needs of the costumers deserve TOP PRIORITY and THE CUSTOMERS ARE OUR MOST VALUABLE BUSINESS ASSETS.       W ...

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Ulang Tahun PT. Halim Samudra Interutama

Pada tanggal 1 Agustus 2016 akan diadakan Acara Ulang Tahun PT. Halim Samudra Interutama ke 25 tahun dan peresmian PT. Halim Samudra Cemerlang Jayatama yang akan dilaksankan di Pabrik PT. Halim Samudra Cemerlang Jayatama (Klaten - JawaTengah).



Haimaster™ is PT. Halim Samudra Interutama’s brand name for Masterbatches (Black, White and Additives Masterbatches). We have provided Customers with a wide range of standard asterbatches and we sincerely welcome any request for specific Colors and applications/ needs.